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I Did It and So Can You!

I recently had my first international event in my home country Trinidad & Tobago which had an overwhelming response. Putting this event together stretched me in so many different ways and forced me to grow in many areas personally and professional as a consultant and coach. While preparing for this event I had so many doubts and fears that attempted to paralyze and stop me from moving forward to fulfilling my purpose. Though it was challenging, I was able to overcome those fears and complete my task through prayer, and the support of family and friends. But I had to go through the process.

So what is holding you back from moving forward with that dream, goal, or vision? Is it fear? Lack of confidence? Lack of know how? I've read that fear is false evidence appearing real and if we give into it we will never know the truth of who we are and who we're supposed to become. If you lack confidence and information, seek assistance, read books, view videos that increase your knowledge and boost your image of yourself.

Looking back, I realized if I had submitted to those fears I would have missed my assignment and those women would have not received what I had to offer. Additionally, I would have not discovered what I was capable of achieving. So ask yourself, who is being denied what your have to offer? Evaluate the things that hold you back, conquer them and become your best you.

Beauty Inside Out Transformation Event, Trinidad & Tobago

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