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What is a Makeup Refresher?

by Yolande Daniel, CIC

Makeup Refresher

Sharpen Your Look for the Photo Shoot Special!

The Makeup Refresher is a service provided to give that finishing touch before your debut. Sometimes a touch up is all that is needed to finalize the look and prevent additional editing costs. To benefit the most from this service:

  • Please come wearing your own make up

  • Touch up includes shine removal, blending, and refining.

Feel free to bring your own makeup and brushes.

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Photoshoot: My Services

Getting Your Face Photo Shoot Ready

It’s time for your photo shoot and you’re trying to figure out what to do with your face. Below are a few tips to prepping your face for your big day.


Get a facial

A facial removes buildup and dead skin cells from your skin and allows for a smoother application of makeup. You can go to a professional or do it at home. Ensure that you get the facial at least two days before your scheduled photo shoot to allow your skin to recover and heal from any redness.


Reshape your eyebrows

Shaping your eyebrows gives a defined and clean look to your face. To tame those brows you can wax, thread or tweeze. Again, have service performed a day or two before your photo shoot to allow redness to subside.


Makeup Application

For those of you who are confident in your makeup application skills, here are some tips to help.


  • Start with a clean and moisturized face.

  • Apply makeup in natural light, if possible.

  • Use a primer before applying your base as it conceals large pores, fine lines, and uneven color and texture.

  • Avoid using mineral makeup, as it can shine or a glow to your photos.

  • Use a translucent matte powder to set your foundation and remove shine.

  • Focus on your eyes! Select neutral and warm colors for the eyes. They include shades of golds and browns. Avoid shimmer or glitter as it attracts too much light.

  • Apply eyeliner sparingly, in this case less is more. Avoid under eye liner, as it can make your eyes look smaller.

  • When applying mascara, use waterproof/sweatproof black mascara. Apply two coats to give a defined look.

  • Select a blush color in in the same undertone of your skin. Some people have warm (yellow, green) or cool (red, blue) undertones in their skin. Stay away from glittery or shimmery shades.

  • For the lips, apply a color close to natural lip color as it is most flattering. If using a lip liner, use a neutral color.

  • To finish and set your look, dust face lightly with translucent powder.

Hopefully, these tips were helpful and help give you the tools to get your face photo shoot ready.

Yolande Daniel, CIC

Look Your Best

I am excited and looking forward to working with you to polish your natural beauty as you take advantage of photo shoot pilot program.

Feel free to browse my website to see how I can be of service to you.

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