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Personal Branding Essentials

The In-Depth Personal Style Consultation is an intensive one hour virtual consultation developed to assist you in gaining clarity on your personal taste level and defining what makes your beauty unique to the world. This is the first building block to developing an individual personal image and style that truly defines the essence of you!

To get started, you will complete a detailed questionnaire to help assist the POLISHED stylist in analyzing your lifestyle, goals, objectives, wardrobe needs and personal style preferences.

During the consultation, the stylist will define your individual Style Personality and techniques on how to create amazing outfits that honor your personal taste level. Shopping locations will also be recommended to ensure that you make better apparel and accessory choices at retailers and find those special items you LOVE.

We will also discuss your current lifestyle and image goals to develop a strategy to get your wardrobe functioning so you can get dressed in the mornings with ease!

Within 24 hours, you will receive a detailed POLISHED premium personalized style report with all your results, a basics wardrobe list, and the annual POLISHED style and image management calendar (Everything you need to assist you during your style and image transition).


Receive detailed feedback on what style, color and fabric are most complimentary, according to your body composition/aesthetics/symmetry, complexion and lifestyle. This service is available virtually or in person. • A general assessment of body language and overall presence is compiled from the initial consultation. This will help you gain knowledge in what others may see in a first impression of you. • Tips and tricks will be provided to you in a full report that can be used as a reference guide to help you navigate your new path. • A detailed road map and timeline of your goals is discussed and created for you, keeping in mind your pace and comfort level for change.

Investment - $597

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