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Hello Beautiful



80% of women wear the wrong size and have never had a bra fitting.

Most women are unaware it causes back pain, headaches and shoulder pain.



You can't wait to rip off your bra because of shoulder pain, back pain or poor posture. What's worse, you put on your favorite sexy dress, you look in the mirror and you're looking at quad boobs or sagging boobs.


Beautiful, you are probably wearing the wrong size bra.

I created BFF - Bra Fit Fundamentals Masterclass just for you.


In my BFF Masterclass you will learn how to:



As long as I knew myself, I always struggled with low self-esteem, poor body image and lack of self-confidence - I did not think I was beautiful. This poor mindset continued into my adulthood. What amplified the situation was that I married really young (21years old, yikes) and to a man who did not appreciate me.

He instead ridiculed my natural desire for his attention and compliments by labeling me as being vain. 

I internalized his hurtful words and behaviors by being the worst critic of my body. I did not like it. One area I targeted was my breasts because they just laid there, flat. I almost looked flat-chested. I thought to myself, I look so unattractive. 

After many years of just existing and not living, I came across a show that revolutionized my life. The show was about bras and how the majority of women wore the incorrect size. I was so excited and followed their process to finding the correct fit and size for my breasts. Then armed with that information, I bought the size, put the bra on and my life changed forever. 

For the first time in my adult life, my breasts went from laying down to being alert and uplifted. I was amazed at the transformation. My body looked better, my clothes fit better and my confidence was through the roof. The experience had such an impact on me that I told all my female friends to get a bra fitting. 

That's where my journey to becoming The Bra Guru began. Over the past 10 years I have empowered countless numbers of women to love their breasts, to look and feel good with and without clothes. 


If you are ready to RECLAIM your femininity and LOOK good in your CLOTHES, click below

  • Get the support and lift you desire without surgical intervention.

  • Wear a bra correctly to boost your confidence,

  • Improve the way your clothes fit

  • Improve your overall health

  • Select the correct size bra with the right size


My Story

If you are ready to

LIFT your breasts and

LOVE who you see in the mirror,

register for Bra Fit

Fundamentals Masterclass


If you are ready to

LIFT your breasts and

LOVE who you see in the mirror,

register for Bra Fit

Fundamentals Masterclass


If you are ready to

LIFT your breasts and

LOVE who you see in the mirror,

register for Bra Fit

Fundamentals Masterclass


So if your are ready to

support and lift your breasts,

look great in your clothes, and

boost your confidence,

register for my

BFF - Bra Fit Fundamentals Masterclass.


When you sign-up you will receive a free gift. 

Join me on February 27th to change

the way you LOOK, FEEL and LIVE.

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