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Secrets of

the Influential Woman

Leveraging The Power of Your Image

Imagine clearly speaking the message you want to convey about yourself without saying a word. To be as impactful with your image as your are in your personal, social or business life.

Your image is a personal billboard you carry around 24/7 spreading information about you. May I ask you? "What is your image saying?" And, "Are those messages in alignment with your beliefs, values, and goals?"

If the answer is "no," then this workshop is for you. This class was designed for the powerhouse woman who needs a little polishing of her personal or professional image.

New Tech Industry Players to Create 10,0




The Like-Minded Sister Circle Presents


How Dynamic Women Revive, Reflect, and Reignite


Finally, One Group, One Movement, One Mission to give away the success secrets to becoming a dynamic woman on the move who is ready to create her own pathways in life. 

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