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Have you ever felt stuck…that you’re not living the life you want? Or you are afraid to launch that business or start that new career or just be the real you? Did you have some traumas, bad experiences or poor mindsets that have you trapped and unable to move towards your heart’s passion? Your destiny? Your true you?


You might ask yourself:

Am I good enough?

Capable enough?

Smart enough?



I want you to know that you are MORE than enough.


You are beautifully crafted with your own gifts and abilities. I believe that every woman has BEAUTY and STRENGTH on the inside waiting to be discovered. Every woman is POWERFUL and created by God for a PURPOSE.

Like you for many years I struggled with many challenges and obstacles that prevented me from achieving my dreams and God-given purpose. My past experiences caused me to question my capabilities and held me down:


  • Poverty

  • Low self-esteem

  • Poor body-image

  • Emotional/psychological abuse

  • Divorce

  • Loss of home, support and friends 

  • Infertility


These were a heavy weight to carry. As a result, for many years I was trapped in an unhealthy mindset cycle that crippled my every move. I did not like who I was on the inside and outside. But thank God, through the POWER of prayer, DEDICATED work and APPLICATION of Biblical principles, I was able to CONQUER those challenges and OVERCOME those obstacles that had me bound.

Today I EMPOWER women conquer and take control of their minds and discover their POWER and BEAUTY from the INSIDE-OUT. I want you to know that, YOU can RISE from your past and BECOME all that you were CREATED to be. YOU can have the BEST relationships you desire in love, family, friends, professional and most importantly the one you have with YOU! 

"Discover your beauty inside out!"

"Discover your beauty inside out!"



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